Brian Molyneaux was raised on the South Side of Chicago. Yes, it's capitalized.

Was a Teamster in the carpenters and decorators union in Chicago. 

Can/will work as a  "local" in SF, LA, Chicago, New York, Seattle, etc.

Graduated from The Second City for Improv acting and is currently in an Improv troupe. 

Lived in Chicago, Ireland, San Francisco, New York, and Oakland.

Shot lots of film and digital photography in each of those places. Also, waited tables in each of those cities/countries. 

Has been told he's sort of funny.

Knows that Improv and waiting tables are the two things that taught him persistence, adaptability, and patience while wearing many hats. 

Was the executive assistant to Deb Dugan while she was president at Disney Publishing Worldwide. Helped calm and console and coordinated the safety and departure of 250 employees while on the job there on September 11, 2001. 

Drove and delivered a custom brand new Cadillac limousine (unscratched and undamaged) to Lenny Kravitz through the narrow streets of The Lower East Side of Manhattan while he was shooting one of his videos.  

Shoots professionally and is a commercial and editorial photographer.

Is currently working on a one a day documentary project photographing and interviewing different people he meets everyday for over 4 years. Also, is currently learning motion. 

Loves life, everyone, is easy to work with (very little ego) and loves photographing and connecting with people.

Brian now lives in Oakland, CA, with wife, 2 daughters, and a dog. 

His favorite team is Tottenham Hotspur and has its flag waving in front of the house. 

He will travel anywhere for his love of photography.  

He also wrote this bio. 

I'm available to collaborate on campaigns big and small. 

Please contact me directly about rates and availability. Thanks. 

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